Ellis Ranch Event Center Wedding | Loveland Colorado | Brianna and Darren

Near Ellis Ranch on the bank of the Big Thompson River, sun filtering through a canopy of cottonwoods and aspens, fully soaking in the Colorado summer, Brianna walked slowly in her white dress and cowboy boots toward Darren.

She had spent the morning surrounded by the women in her life who made her smile, who understood her, who laughed with her. Just as he had spent the morning with good friends and good drinks.

Only moments earlier, she had stood alone with her father, full of emotion. She knew she wouldn’t stay his little girl forever. This was the moment that said so boldly as he turned to see her in her wedding gown. Bittersweet, as it always is.

Her arms full of flowers arranged in a cascading bouquet, Brianna swept through the tall grasses walking closer and closer to Darren. Born wild and now partly tame, the flowers emblemized the wedding day.

Darren stood in his jeans and boots, waiting eagerly.

When he turned to see Brianna, it wasn’t tears that filled his eyes, just a smile from ear to ear and a perfect moment of sheer joy. And like the flowers, the rest of their day was filled equally with a bit of wild and rustic country and a bit of order and custom.

The ceremony was beautifully officiated by Clayton Wagner, and the party was whipped up by Stage One Events DJ.

For a rustic country wedding in the heart of Colorado, Brianna and Darren couldn’t have chosen a more perfect location.

Congratulations, you two! What a beautiful day. What a beautiful life.

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