The Best Bridal Survival Kit

The Best Bridal Survival Kit - Don’t forget to bring a small sewing kit

Everything is planned and organized and while we absolutely hope you don’t need any of these Bridal Survival Kit items, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You might not need them, but perhaps a bridesmaid, parent or guest will. Unexpected things are bound to happen and being prepared is always a good. After photographing hundreds of weddings I have started to notice a pattern of items forgotten or needed in every bridal kit. We suggest tasking the Bridal Survival Kit the maid of honor to organize and bring with.

Take a look at our suggested bridal survival kit and make sure you’re not missing any must haves. This is an ongoing list, so if you see something missing, PLEASE PLEASE add it to the comments below and we’ll make sure to add it to our list. For your convenience, each item is linked to Amazon.

  1. Heel Stoppers

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Antiperspirant

  4. Granola Bars / Snacks

  5. Phone Charger

  6. Floss / Plackers

  7. Baby Powder

  8. Umbrellas

  9. Lint Roller

  10. Fashion Tape

  11. Hair Spray

  12. Unscented Bug Spray

  13. Wooden or Formal Hanger

  14. Chapstick

  15. Tissues

  16. Tide To Go Stick

  17. Sewing Kit

  18. Mints / Gum

  19. Bobby Pins

  20. Pepcid AC

  21. Imodium

  22. Nail Clippers

  23. Blotting Papers

  24. Clear Nail Polish

  25. First Aid Kit

  26. Super Glue

  27. White Chalk

  28. Lighter

  29. Acetaminophen

  30. Tampons

  31. Eye Drops

  32. Benadryl

  33. Crochet Hooks

Take this list into consideration and let us know in the comments below what other must have items should be added.

Don’t forget a wooden hanger in your bridal survival kit.
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