Chautauqua Park wedding by Boulder photographer - Dana and Chaney

Nothing can go wrong when you find the right in everything. That is just one of the reasons why Dana and Chaney’s wedding was perfect. Like their spirits, their day was undefeatable.

Dana and Chaney met in Hawaii, by chance. They were immediately mesmerized. They followed one another from one adventure to the next until they landed in the middle of Chautauqua Park in beautiful Boulder, Colorado on a perfectly imperfect rainy day for their wedding.

Not one of their guests was bothered by the rain. Coincidentally, rain on a wedding day is considered good luck.

Dana and Chaney shook things up by starting out with the reception. Guests laughed the day away in good company until the evening brought a beautiful ceremony at the Sunrise Amphitheater. Chaney’s mother invited the whole earth to join in as she officiated and celebrated Dana and Chaney’s bond.

Their spirits only higher now, the crew then headed off to Dark Horse to enjoy a roaring after party, complete with high-spirited clothing and fun.

Congratulations, Dana and Chaney. Your joy is contagious, and your laughter will fill the world.

Their story: Last August (2018) I was on Maui for the first time for a friend's wedding. After a week of exploring the island and a beautiful ceremony I was ready to head back to the mainland. As I drove to the airport I passed a gorgeous beach and realized it was it was one that a local had told me about with a great hidden bar nearby. I decided to seize the moment and experience one last sunset before I left. Little did I know this was one of Dana's favorite spots as well, and she too had decided to stop for the sunset on the home from a long, late day at work. We found each other on the sand, experiences were shared, hearts were opened, and in the blink of an eye an hour and a half flashed by and I very nearly missed my flight. We were both struck by an intense attraction to each other that night, but also shared a sense that the tyranny of distance would overshadow any chance of another chapter together.

I was in NYC to catch up on some work and see friends over the long weekend. Despite the gulf of nearly 5,000 miles our fingers flew and little messages criss-crossed continents and oceans at an alarming rate. As I got close to leaving for the drive back home to North Carolina friends I was staying with asked if I could come to Denver and help them with their camp's Burning Man project. As a six year burner I love to pitch in on builds and told them I would be happy to help. Little did I know how quickly this spontaneous ask/give would change everything.

Shortly after I hit the road Dana mentioned in a message that she would be heading to Boulder that weekend to surprise her Dad for his 70th birthday. I was floored. And right there on I-95, in the middle of New Jersey, I knew I had to go to Colorado. With restrained excitement I remarked on what a crazy coincidence it was that I was going to be right down the road and that we should meet up if she had any time between seeing family.

When the universe is conspiring along with you it's amazing what falls into place as if there could have been no other way. Dana found a way to create some time for us together (our first "date" was a hike into the Flatirons) and from that moment on we knew that this story was ours to write. She took me to a Rockies game to meet her family. I surprised her by getting a seat next to her on her return flight to Maui. From there we quickly slipped into a romance from which it is hoped we never recover. Two weeks later I proposed to her at sunset on the playa at Burning Man and two months after that first evening on the beach we eloped in a ceremony with just the two of us on the volcanic shores of North Maui.

Reception Venue : Chautauqua Park
Ceremony Venue : Sunrise Amphitheater
Photographer: JMGant Photography
Coordinator: Dotting the I
Hair & Makeup: Fierce with Beauty
Florist: A Florae
Tent/Rentals: All Well Rents
Cake: Button Rock Bakery
Catering: Hearts Desire Catering

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