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Master the Business of Photography

TODAY we launch the Master the Business of Photography community. This is both incredibly exciting and a bit intimating at the same time! When asked what I love about photography it’s always two fold. One, I love honoring and celebrating people through creative photography. To me, creating something unique that tell's one’s story, and creates the image that goes hand in hand with one’s memory is absolutely incredible and truly an honer. Secondly, I love creating the systems and processes required to build and sustaining a photography business. Over the years, often through trail and error, I have learn so much about what works and what doesn’t. One of my great regrets is dragging my feet for so long to invest in high quality education. SLR Lounge (Pye Jirsa) is an absolutely expert in the photography education world and has mastered breaking down step to a level that anyone could follow. While there are hundreds of community and workshops that teach and reteach photography techniques, in this community we will be discussing how to master the business side of photography. Each week we will be sharing a topic and weekly challenge. Through engaging in the community, and consuming and putting into practice the educational content, you will learn what it takes to build the business of your dreams.

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