Vail Lodge Wedding | Vail Colorado Wedding Photographer | Nicholas and Cubrina

At the top of Vail Mountain, under the Colorado skies, in the impending light of the full moon, and surrounded by their amazing family, Cubrina and Nicholas filled their day to the brim with love and laughter. From sunrise to sunset, every view was almost as beautiful as the couple themselves and almost as cool as their story.

How We Met~ Cubrina

It was the end of January and the National Western Stock Show was wrapping up. Bags packed, I would be flying out of sunny San Diego to a snowy Denver. When my boarding group was called, I found my number and boarded the flight. Once the flight touched down in Denver, I was so excited to see my friends, I collected my carry on and followed the herd of people to the underground tram. I selected my tram cart and held on tight. Two guys also boarded my cart as well. They made a comment about my Volcom slippers I was wearing (they were both pretty jealous). They asked if I was from Colorado or just visiting, "Well, I am from Colorado but I am just visiting." Then if I skied or snowboarded to which I replied "actually neither" They were both so shocked they exclaimed, "That's like living in San Diego and never going to the beach!" "Well I hardly ever go to the beach. As we were about to part ways and never speak again, I asked Nic if he knew which baggage claim we were at. It's so easy to get lost at DIA. So I walked with him to baggage claim, and he joined the rest of his friends to collect their snowboards. Right before I was about to leave Nic came over and asked for my number. Upon pick up my friends got the rundown of the hot guy who asked for my number.

How We Met~ Nic

Cubrina and I met in Denver International airport, January. Although, I have to admit that I noticed her about 800 nautical miles earlier, in San Diego. I was traveling with a good friend of mine from England, Paul. We were on one of our random boarding trips chasing a storm that was headed for the Rockies. As we approached the gate, I noticed Cubrina waiting in the boarding area as she stood up, ready to get in line. I pointed her out to Paul and immediately said, that girl is beautiful. After we landed in DIA, we hopped on the tram headed towards the baggage claim. Cubrina stood next to me. She was dressed in jeans, shirt, jacket, and fuzzy purple house slippers. I commented on her Volcom slippers. They looked extremely warm and comfortable (which I immediately ordered a pair of my own). When we exited the train, she looked lost and confused as to which baggage claim to head to. I told her to follow us and she'd be alright. We chatted about my snowboarding trips and her horse events. She was a trick rider who could jump horses through rings of fire, ride two horses simultaneously, and just happened to play the piano, violin, and harp. With all of those talents, I excitedly asked if she skied or boarded. Neither, she answered. Paul and I commented that it was a shame to grow up in the Rockies and not play in the snow. It's sacrilegious if you ask me. We continued chat as Paul and I waited with Cubrina until our friends flew in from other flights. She asked when I would be heading back to San Diego and I replied that I'd head back when it stopped snowing, or maybe longer if it stayed nice in the mountains. She must have thought I was a ski bum. My friends arrived, Cubrina and I said our goodbyes then parted ways. Outside of the airport, I asked my friends to wait for a moment. I ran back in to ask for her phone number. We chatted back and forth over the following weeks, and a few months later we were snowboarding in Vail :)

Location Ceremony- Vail Wedding Deck
Location Reception- The Lodge at Vail
Photographer - JMGant Photography
Hair- Amy DaCosta
Makeup- Brooke Rock Beauty
Dress- Camille La Vie
Flowers- Veldkamp's Flowers
Carriage- Clear Creek Carriage Company
Photo booth- Picture Perfect
DJ- Matt Smith
Rentals-Premier Denver Rentals
String Quartet- Le Sorelle String Quartet
Bakery- Mountain Flour

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