Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding, Estes Park Colorado, Kristin and Charlie

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park will always have a special place in Kristin's and Charlie's hearts. It was here where Charlie proposed, here where we made a little engagement photo magic with balloons (a special symbol for their relationship) , and here where they officially became husband and wife. It has been so fun getting to know them better and capturing a small part of their love story.  

Vendor List 1:
Dress- Casablanca (designer) The Bridal Collection (store where I bought it)
Florist- Rocky Mountain Wildflowers
Transportation- Estes Park Trolley
Bakery- Nothing Bundt Cakes
DJ- Standing Room Only (Jay Kacik)
After Party- The Wheel Bar

Vendor List 2:
Videography- ByDesign Films
Photography- JMGant Photograpy
Catering- Greens Point Catering
Officiant- Bill Huth
Wedding Website- The Knot www.theknot.com/us/bundyornwedding
Honeymoon- Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun
Hair/Makeup- Ashley Salazar
Shoes (bride)- Tieks in Lilac

Their Story told by Charlie
I will forever believe that the romance of Kristin and I was written in the stars. From the moment I met her, life seemed to be continuously hinting at how important she would be. The winks of fate were everywhere - she was born in Minnesota, she vacationed in Clearwater Beach as a child just as I had, her favorite color was purple (the color of my favorite football team), she grew up spending summers on the lake, and her whole life she had been inexplicably drawn to Colorado and the mountains. The way our life histories and personalities mirrored each other went far beyond mere coincidence. It has become clear to me that my whole life was really just preparing me to meet her. She is now, and has forever been my destiny.
I loved her immediately. She is a shooting star, lighting up a world too filled with monotony. Her energy, her laugh, her spirit made me unable to wipe the smile from my face. I had never met anyone like her. The first occasion we really spent time together was spring skiing at Arapahoe Basin. It was a perfect blue sky day, and we had it all to ourselves. During a break for lunch, we both laid back on the benches where we had been sitting, and closed our eyes with faces to the sun. She didn't notice as I peeked to steal a glance at her. Her eyes were still pleasantly closed and she had this subtle smile of complete contentment. My heart filled in a way I had never felt before. The moment shouldn't have been spectacular, but it was. Simply getting to sit by her on a day like this, as the sun washed over us, made me feel like I was the luckiest person in the entire world. I was lost in her and everything else just melted away. It was the most perfect slice of time. Our day ended and she dropped me off at my apartment, but my mind raced. "Wow, what the heck was that?!?" I kept thinking. My brain struggled to categorize what had just transpired. It was as if after 30 years of life, she had swooped in and showed me a color I had never before known existed. I couldn't fully explain why being around her felt that good, I just knew that it did. We had known each other for two weeks, and already I was completely hooked.
We have shared a million more moments since that day, and each of them still make me feel as lucky as that first one. In our time together I have been happier than at any other point in my life. I know with absolute certainty I will spend the rest of my days loving her. It is meant to be...it was always meant to be.

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