Shoot and Share Competition Results

On a whim and for the first time ever I entered the 2018 Shoot and Share competition. I am not really a big advocate (nor a critic) of photo competitions. They simply don't have a great ROI, so I tend to focus on other things. This particular competition is massive with apparently over 412,000 photos were submitted from all over the world! Today I found out that all but 3 of my photos placed in the top 30% with 8 placing in the top 100 and as finalists. Below are a few of my favorites that place well. 

What do you think about the photos that placed high? Do you agree or disagree?

What is your favorite photo that I have taken? 


Emotion & Excitement Catagory - Placed 24th of 8,800 

Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding Larkspur Wedding Photographer

Wedding Details Category - Placed 80th of 16,755 

Sandstone Ranch Longmont Colorado Engagement Photography

Travel/Landscape Category - Placed 42nd of 16,373 

Delicate Arch Milkyway

Engagement & Couples Category - Paced 155th out of 37,145

Arvada Tavern Engagement Photo

The Bride Category - Placed 331 out of 14,265

Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer Winner

Guest & Reception Category - Placed 380th out of 5,689

Hard Rock Resort Wedding Riviera Maya Mexico Photographer

The Bride Category - Place 389 out of 14,265

Screenshot (97).png

Wedding Couple Category - Placed 509 out of 36,983

Rocky Mountain National Park Best Wedding Photographer

Emotion & Excitement Category - Placed 532 out of 8,800

Saddleback Golf Course Longmont Colorado Wedding Photographer

Wedding Couple Category - Placed 986 out of 36,983

The Best Anthony Chapel Wedding in Hot Spring Arkansas

Babies and Toddler Category - Placed 1,913th out of 28,425

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