Scott and Anita Review

A+++ Absolutely Amazing...

We interviewed and met with several (5+) potential photographers during our wedding search. We fell in love with Jared's photos, and then once we met with him, we knew we found our photographer.

Jared has such a wonderful eye for great photos and perspective. We truly appreciated how he could highlight certain colors, or capture a backdrop or landscape that needed to be included in our shot. We personally experienced him showing off his skills in many different environments. During our engagement shoot we met in Downtown Denver to capture more of the 'city' type views available. Knowing our wedding would be more rustic and on top of a mountain, this was the perfect contrast for us, allowing us to show all of our viewers both wonderful scenes/settings from Colorado.

Reviewing pricing options with Jared, we chose the more inclusive package he had available. Anita and I both loved that Jared was always transparent, and 100% honest on all pricing items. We found in our search that some photographers would be vague and ultimately layer in additional fees and costs which could make what seems like a bargain end up costing quite a premium.

During our wedding approach, Jared was instrumental in providing unique ideas, feedback, and an overall timeline for the wedding day.

Our wedding day experience, Jared showed up early to scout the venue. He was there with a second shooter and ready to begin as soon as we arrived. 100% professional and interactive throughout the night. Allowing us to guide and offer feedback on what shots we wanted to capture and provide options whether it was sunset shot, city scape view, or just sneak off to a field for some amazing views and pictures. We even found a few rocks to climb up on which provided unique perspectives, colors, clouds, and backdrops. A week or two prior to our wedding Jared even recommended a unique champagne shot he was interested in trying and he felt we may be able to pull it off.(first picture attached in this review) We loved the idea of the shot and ultimately pulled the shot off and have received nothing but compliments and questions on how we took this photo.

The day of our wedding was a little unique and different in the fact that my father ended up in the emergency room the week of with a medical issue and unable to attend our wedding. Jared pulled off a full 8-10 hour day of shooting photos, leaving our venue between 10pm and 11pm when we told him we were done with shots for the night. He drove 1-2 hours back to his home for a late end to his day. To our surprise, Jared worked diligently to surprise us with an opportunity to share our wedding day with my father the following afternoon. He sent a text message the following day mentioning it was a goal to ensure my dad experienced our day and provided a link to his blog which he had edited a group of timeline photos from our day. This was such an amazing gift to share with us and allow my dad to watch the entire day through a series of photos and commentary from Jared.

Jared truly is an amazing photographer, and an even better person. I will continue to recommend and refer him to any and everyone I know in need of a talented photographer.

Jared, thank you for all of your hard work and the amazing shots you've already provided. We can't wait to see the remainder of the photos. We truly appreciate you and all your work.

-Scott T.

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