Perry Park Country Club Wedding | Larkspur Colorado Wedding Photographer | Kim and Josh

Kim and Josh chose a beautiful location for their indoor/outdoor Colorado wedding. Perry Park Country Club was a perfect mix of beauty and convenience. Surrounded by signature Colorado scenery: mountain-range greenery interrupted by prominent red-rock outcrops; the venue also offered a refined seating area and in-house catering. Coupled with Kim and Josh’s elegant taste, the entire wedding was exquisite down to the last detail, like the bottom of Kim’s shoes. More importantly, Kim and Josh shared their day with a clearly wonderful family and many amazing friends. From sunup to sundown, the day was all smiles and tears.

Our proposal story:
We flew out to Paris, France. I had been wanting to go to France forever and Josh had said he would never go to that country... that is until his friend from work asked if he wanted to see "24 Heures du Mans" - a 24 hour Motorsport race in Le Mans, France. Of course I bought us plane tickets immediately!! 
We stayed in Paris, France for the majority of the trip to satisfy my love for the culture and history (this was also during the World Cup) and satisfied Josh's love for cars and racing in Le Mans. 
On our last day in Paris Josh and I had scheduled a champagne boat cruise down the Seine River. Before we were supposed to board I wanted some candids of us next to the rose bushes right in front of the Eiffel Tour. As Josh is taking my photo a couple of drunk Irish guys walk right past me and proceed to start peeing in the bushes behind me. Once done, one of the Irish men came up to Josh and I offering to take a photo of the two of us. The drunken man started demanding Josh tell him why my finger had no ring on it! To which Josh replied "I'm working on it". This was not an adequate answer as the man continued to hound Josh, telling him "Oh come on... pull the ring out!! Pull the ring out man!". Josh then knelt down to one knee, pulled the ring out, and asked me to be his wife. I, of course, said yes and shed a couple tears... while the drunk Irishman was BALLING his eyes out next to me, apologizing profusely for 'ruining' the proposal. 
It turned out to be the best story, and we got to drink champagne down the riverside in celebration immediately after.

Wedding Vendors:
Photography - JMGant Photography
Florist - Daisy's Front Porch (Brenda Timm)
Bakery - Mulberries Cake Shop (Kathleen Karr)
DJ - DJ Connection
Venue - Perry Park Country Club (Becky Voth)
Dress - LUV Bridal
Stationary - TJ Thurman

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