Incredible Mountaintop First Look in Rocky Mountain National Park

I offer it to every couple, knowing full well that it can be difficult and nontraditional, but also knowing full well that, if they take me up on it, there will be few things as memorable and magical.

It's a first look outside the wedding day. And what that means is that it's also outside the time constraints of the celebration, outside the location constraints of the venue, and outside the lighting constraints of the schedule. It's a unique opportunity for a  couple to just be together making memories, allowing them to rest assured that they'll get the epic images they want without worrying that they'll be sacrificing another important aspect of their wedding day. 

Nick and Kelly got to experience such an opportunity. Amidst the majestic vista at the peak of Rocky Mountain National Park, Nick faced his bride for the first time with no other objective but to enjoy the next couple of hours making memories and images that would last forever.

I can't say enough good things about these first-look sessions. What an awesome experience all around.

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