Loveland Pass first look - Keystone Colorado Wedding Photographer - Trina and Matt

One of my very favorite things to offer clients is the chance to shoot a first look session just prior to the wedding day. Doing so allows us to go ANYWHERE at ANY TIME, with minimal restraints; an occasion that is rare to find on the wedding day itself.  Trina and Matt decided to celebrate their first look on the very top of Loveland Pass, just outside Keystone Colorado. We met up there about an hour prior to the sunset. With Matt on the edge of a mountain at about 13,000 feet elevation, he waiting patiently to see his soon-to-be bride. A lot of brides tap their soon-to-be husbands on the shoulder, but Trina knows Matt's goofy personality better than that. A hilarious pinch on the butt later and Matt turned to see Trina smiling back at him. What a perfectly imperfect moment it was, and hopefully, a location that will now have a special significance to the both of them for the rest of their lives. Congratulations, Trina and Matt! I can't wait to shoot your wedding next week! 

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