Saddleback Golf Course - Longmont Colorado Wedding - Rich and Paige

Anyone who's ever met Rich and Paige know they both have incredible personalities that make being around them so much fun! Their wedding day at Saddleback Golf Course was a blast from beginning to end, and it was a pleasure to capture the evening. -Jared

Their Story told by Rich:
Here it is - the epic story of our meeting, which began before we met. SCENE: November 2015, Rich is new to Denver, having recently moved from Portland, OR, and is church-hopping, trying to find a church home. A few months prior, Paige returned to Denver from Chicago, and she was also searching for a church home.
During my search, I (Rich) visited CityPoint church and that's where I first saw her... By "saw" I mean caught a glimpse of her from waaay across the room, and only of her side profile. After service I left, Paige never saw me and the moment quickly faded from my mind.
3 weeks later, I (Paige) walked into The Pearl Church 15 minutes late to service (as usual lol). As I opened the doors to enter, Rich looked back at the same time and our eyes met - first sighting for me :)
So I'm scratching my head (this is Rich again) trying to figure out why this girl that just walked in looked so familiar... I couldn't place it. Near the end of service I thought "hey, was that the girl I kinda saw from across the room at that CityPoint church?" The thought distracted me all service but I concluded that I would not go out of my way to find out.. I would only talk to her if we bumped into each other or if she came up to me..
Service ends. Rich was out in the lobby still pondering this double-sighting of this cute girl, and trying to decide whether or not he should get a cinnamon roll (he's a fatty). Paige walks out, illuminating the lobby with her smile and, as much as Paige tries to deny it, she walks past the doors to exit the building, and walks directly towards Rich, and he sheepishly takes two steps forward. He reached out his hand, said "hello, were you at CityPoint a few weeks ago?" Paige responds "Yes!" and there, in the lobby of The Pearl church, between the doors and the cinnamon rolls, is the birthing place of this destined relationship.

Vendor List:
Photography - JMGant Photography
Venue - Saddleback Golf Course
DJ - Tony Galloway
Florist - Hunter Downer
Cake - Sarah Chavez
Suit rentals - Men's Warehouse

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