Keystone Resort Wedding - Keystone Wedding Photographer - Lindsay and Justin

Keystone Colorado was a perfect backdrop for Lindsay and Justin's winter wedding. Their love for the outdoors and ski slopes brought them, along with all their friends and family, to celebrate their marriage and love for one another amidst a snowy mountain vista. The ceremony itself took place at the very top of the mountain facing the beautiful slopes. After the ceremony, they strapped on their skis and snowboards and headed down the mountain, wedding veil, suit and all. In the evening at the Keystone Ranch, the celebration continued with amazing food and drinks, live music, and an active dancing floor that couldn't even keep grandma from getting her groove on.

Their Story:

 Lindsay and I have a Pretty good proposal story. So as you may know we're technically already wed. We had a shotgun wedding after she received orders to be stationed in Germany for the Air Force. I wasn't ever a man who really thought he would get married, but after Lindsay told me she would be leaving and the place she was assigned to happened to be on the opposite side of the planet, I started considering it, like can't sleep, up all night can I let her go and never really know type stuff. So I drew the conclusion that she was and still is one in a billion and I couldn't live with myself to see her walk out and disappear. So since this all came in a rush I asked my mother if there were any family heirloom wedding rings I could have to propose to Lindsay before she had to go. My mother luckily had one of my grandmother's wedding band and engagement rings that I could have. Unfortunately my grandmother had pawned the diamond out of the ring and put an emerald in its place. But the rings desperately needed a good cleaning and I figured a new diamond would make it shine almost as brilliant as my future wife. Only one thing stood in my way, I'm an old-fashioned man and I wanted the opportunity to talk to her father before I asked her to marry me. Fate itself happened to be on my side because not even a week later than acquiring the ring and dropping it off at the jeweler, Lindsay asked me if I would like to join her and her family on a vacation to Disney World for her niece. Lindsay loves Disney World, she's been many times and knew how to work our fast passes on her phone to where we barely had to wait in any lines and got to ride all the best rides multiple times. Seriously she's got some trade secrets on this fast pass business. We were having a blast but I still hadn't found time to talk to her father. Finally after a few days into our trip we made plans to all meet up at the same restaurant for lunch. Hopeful that my opportunity had finally arrived I asked her uncle to hold on to the proposal gift for me. I don't say ring because it wasn't just that. Lindsay had brought me back some rum cake from one of the first trips she had gone on for work while we were dating and for reasons unbeknownst to me I had kept that box and every show we saw or venue we went to I had kept the ticket stub from. I'd never done this with any other woman I dated; from the start there was something special about her. So, my time had finally come and we're at lunch. I gently persuaded Lindsay to go use the restroom so I could finally have a chance to talk to her father. I look at Dave and ask simply "would you be ok with me asking your daughter to marry me?" Dave responds "I'm fine with it but it's really not my choice." Without missing a beat, Lulu, her mother chimes in "what if she says no?" Without blinking an eye Dave say,"she's over thirty she really can't afford to". A wave of humorous relief washes over me and I know that I'll not only get along with this woman but I'll fit in with her family. I ask her uncle for the package and placed it in Lindsay's purse, which I'd been chivalrous to carry before and had absolutely no problem carrying after we left. Since it was her niece's first time to Disney World, Dave, Lindsay and I had all agreed to chip in on the Disney Photo Pass so we could have pictures all throughout the park, with every character we went to see and with Disney Magic where they add it computer graphics to your photos to make them more unique (so worth it). We gathered to take a group photo after lunch with the whole family and we're taking the photo, Lindsay decides she doesn't want the purse in it. So I say ok and I set it down about a foot away from my ankle. Oh but that's not good enough, so Lindsay picked up the purse with my grandmothers ring in it and decided the picture would look better with her purse behind the photographer a strong 10 feet away, in Disney World, with thousands of people walking around. I tried my best to look happy and not freak out because the difference between one of the best days of my life and one of the worst is 10 feet away surrounded by strangers. Luckily everything went fine; the photo was taken and the purse was still there. Lindsay and I broke off from the group and went over to anther place we wanted to get a photo. The place I wanted to propose, right in front of the Epcot globe. When we get there I told Lindsay to go pick out the scene and I asked the photographer to "watch the purse." I tell her to take as many photos as she can. I grab the tattered rum cake box and walk over to Lindsay. I hand it to her. She looks at me with a face that says "rum cake?..thanks" I tell her to open it and she lights up as she sees all the memories of past dates shared together and a black box containing my grandmothers ring. I drop to one knee. She starts to cry. I begin to smile and ask "Lindsay will you let me share my life with you?". And the Disney photographer caught every beautiful moment as strangers cheered and gave congratulations. And the best part... we got free ice cream from the park.

Wedding Vendors:

Venue - Keystone Resort, Keystone Rach
Day of Coordinator: L Elizabeth Events
Photographer: JMGant Photography
Videographer: 8 Wedding Films
Flowers/Table Centerpiece: Honeycomb and Co
Hair - Weemala
Officiant: Raymond Gray
Cake, Food, Drinks, Transportation: Keystone Resort
Band: Diamond Empire Band
Bride's Gown: Essence of Australia
Bridesmaid Dresses: Union Station
Groom's Suit: Custom made in Vietnam
Groomsmen suits: Men's Warehouse
Videographer: 8 Wedding Films -
Invitations: Etsy
Wedding Signs: Jen Ng

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