Jane and Chayne's Review

"Jared is an incredibly skilled and talented photographer, as well as being a friendly and interesting person in general! I can not recommend him enough if you are looking for dramatic, stylish, unique photography that takes full advantage of the natural landscape of Colorado (or anywhere else you may be!). When we got our photos back (so quickly too! We did not have to wait months like many people do) every single one was amazing, and we are really struggling to choose some for a canvas or even just to print! His skill is definitely consistent over each and every shot he provided and each one is stunning. Not only were Jared's photos amazing but I also felt he was able to get a good feel for us as a couple and provided photos that reflected that and felt personal, and not just standard shots he sets up for everyone. Another bonus was he blended so well with the wedding people kept telling me after how cool he was and how they wished they could have talked to him longer! You won't regret your choice if you choose JM Gant Photography! :) :)"

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