How to Create a Mood Board

How to create a photography mood board.

Great photography is about many things, but the first one is communication and, more specifically, communication that reveals what it is that you like and want in your photography. For many of our clients, we find that before they can communicate this, they need to spend some time discovering it for themselves. This is where a Mood Board comes in.

So what is a Mood Board? It’s a collection of photos and explanations aimed at helping you narrow down what you love most about JMGant Photography in order to help us provide that to you. It’s not a shot list, it’s more a collection of your favorite photography elements. And it is the springboard that will help guide the overall feel of your wedding photography. You can create a Mood Board in three easy steps:

First: log into your Pinterest account and create a new board called “Wedding Mood Board” (or Engagement Mood Board, etc.). If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can sign up for one quickly and easily. Just follow the Pinterest account-creation instructions.

How to create a wedding photography mood board

Second: take some time to browse through our website’s galleries and blogs. You’ll notice that when you hover over a photo, a “Save” button pops up in red on the upper left corner. When you find a photo you love, use the “Save” button to pin this to your new Pinterest Mood Board. We recommend you save about 15-20 photos. You can pin photos from other sites as well, but it’s easiest for us to narrow down what it is about our style that you like if the majority of the photos are ours.

How to create a wedding mood board.

Third: Take some time and ask yourself why you love each photo you save and pin. Is it the lighting? The colors, the angle, the crop? Maybe it’s the outfits, the posing, the location? Whatever it is, write a brief description about it so that we better understand what draws you in.

How to create a wedding photography pinterest mood board.

Once you’ve completed those three steps, share the board with us by choosing navigating to the upper right corner of your Mood Board and selecting “invite.” You can then send us the direct URL link by email (preferrably) or invite us to the board on Pinterest. We’ll review your Mood Board and notes together during your final prep call. Check out our example Mood Board here. Happy pinning!

How to share my photography mood board.
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