The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park Wedding - Evergreen Wedding Photographer - Andrew and Anastassiya

What better way to start out a wedding than with a skate session and game of tennis? Pre-wedding activities are so fun to shoot, and this one definitely made its mark. After getting out all the wedding day nerves, Andrew and Anastassiya celebrated the day at The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park. 

Their Story told by Anastassiya: We met 6 years ago and since that have been through good and bad. The first time Andrew saw Anastassiya at a locally organized punk show in Fort Collins where Anastassiya was standing by herself in bright blue jeans and yellow t-shirt among the crust punk kids dressed all in black. When Andrew's friend introduced Anastassiya to Andrew she couldn't believe how handsome he was and couldn't get Andrew's skate shoes off her mind. When Andrew first saw Anastassiya, he immediately noticed her bright blue fedora, and that her rainbow studded belt was clasped at her hips rather than centered. He immediately wanted to talk to her, and was trying to figure out a way to when his friend introduced himself.

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