Clothes: Deciding what to wear for your engagement session may seem daunting, right? I mean, you’re planning on sending these pictures out to all your friends and family, some of whom may keep your announcement forever. You want to look your best, but you also want to be yourself. What that means is that you can wear anything you want, from a suit and dress to pajamas.  Wearing outfits that you’re comfortable in will help your style and personality show through and will influence the overall appeal of the photos. Aside from that, here are just a few tips:
·         Bring multiple outfits (2-3), and try each one on beforehand. This will add variety and interest to your photos.
·         Be mindful of how long it will take you to change.
·         Consider  where you’re going to change. I’ll be bringing a small pop-up changing tent, but keep this in mind if your outfit is difficult to get in and out of.
·         Compliment each other’s outfits. I actually would highly discourage completely matching one another but definitely recommend coordinating colors and styles.
·         The camera loves color. Though black might be slimming, it generally emphasizes every flyaway hair and piece of dust on the camera as well. Also, wearing white is traditionally saved for the wedding day. That said, consider wearing bold, but not blinding, colors and avoiding super busy prints, patterns, and especially avoid logos.
·         Think about your surroundings. If we’re going to be hiking, consider putting high heels in a bag to carry; if you want to stand in water, consider bringing flip flops.

Ring: Get it cleaned, if possible. It’s already new and beautiful, but getting it cleaned the day of the shoot (most jewelry stores will do this for free, no appointment necessary) will let it really shine! Also, consider that your nails may be shown in detail. A manicure or fresh nail polish may be a great idea.

Props: I love it when clients bring props or have a fun, unique concept to capture, but please discuss it with me before hand so that I can properly prepare. Examples of good props: anything you use for a particular hobby, sports jerseys, blanket (for laying on or wrapping up in), picnic stuff, coffee/tea, champagne, flowers, balloons, chairs, instruments, bubbles, chalk, confetti, smoke bombs, or even a unique pair of shoes that stand out, basically anything fun that shows your personalities. 

The Kiss: This may sound silly, but there is going to be lots of kissing, hugging, and fun! Most likely your kissing has never been captured on camera before, and it’s important to practice taking each other’s breath away and staring into each other's eyes for long periods of time. I want you to feel comfortable “having a moment” on camera. Don't worry, I won't ask you to do anything you aren't comfortable doing or don't want captured.

The Location: I am happy to suggest locations, but I love it when you find a spot that represents your personalities and relationship. I’ve shot in some unique locations (cemeteries, libraries, bars) and love it! Don’t be afraid of shooting somewhere unusual; there is beauty everywhere! Some of my favorite locations to shoot are Lily Lake (Estes Park), Sandstone Historical Park (Longmont), Poudre River Barn (Greeley), Devil’s Backbone (Loveland), White Ranch Open Space (Golden), Downtown Denver.

My Final advice: is to take your engagement session seriously, and have lots of fun! Engagement sessions offer an amazing opportunity to create and come away with plenty of great memories. Deciding on your location, attire, and props is merely a good beginning. If you want to get the most out of your session, think it through and come prepared.

I am always open to opinions, requests, and questions. Please don’t hesitate to talk to me about anything; I want your session to be the best it can be.